Is tea cake a feminist?

Tea Cake would have never called himself a feminist, but Tea Cake embodied the possibilities of a Black feminist manhood, one that time and maturity might have allowed him to fully embrace.

What does Janie shooting Tea Cake symbolize?

Janie is taking on a masculine role because she can now attack others and defend herself. The fact that Tea Cake shows her how to shoot, shows that he is not afraid of Janie becoming independent. This is why the gun symbolizes power and masculinity.

What are tea cakes flaws?

Another characteristic that distinguishes Tea Cake from Janie’s previous husbands is his willingness to both talk and listen. These were the most fundamental flaws in Logan and Joe—Logan didn’t express himself, and Joe wouldn’t listen to Janie. … “Tea Cake, Ah don’t lak you astin’ me no sich question.

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What kind of character is Tea Cake?

In Tea Cake she finds a creative and vivacious personality who enjoys probing the world around him and respects Janie’s need to develop. Whereas Logan treats her like a farm animal and Jody silences her, Tea Cake converses and plays with her.

What is something that Tea Cake encourages Janie to do?

Tea Cake’s actions and treatment of Janie, as revealed by the narrator, contrast with her late husband Jody’s. Jody always expected Janie to be working and didn’t appreciate her. Tea Cake encourages her to pamper herself, while not stinting on working himself.

Does Tea Cake really love Janie?

Tea Cake loves Janie as much as she loves him. Tea Cake shows Janie affection which is something that is missing in her marriage with Joe and Logan. … Making Janie happy shows that he loves her because he is not happy unless she is.

Is Tea Cake a good guy?

Hurston depicts Tea Cake as not simply a good or bad person, but instead as a real person who is complicated and not easily understood. … However, in the middle of the storm, Tea Cake saves Janie from a rabid dog, ultimately sacrificing his own life in this act of love-driven heroism.

What is Tea Cake’s real name?

Vergible Woods, known as Tea Cake, is the third husband of Janie Crawford, the protagonist of Zora Neale Hurston’s novel Their Eyes Were Watching God (1937).

What is Janie’s reaction to Tea Cake?

It turned into a raucous party, full of music and fighting. Janie is insulted that Tea Cake didn’t invite her, but Tea Cake further explains that he was worried that Janie might think that his crowd was too low class. Janie says that from now on, she wants to enjoy everything that he does.

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How is Tea Cake described physically?

Janie describes Tea Cake as having ‘full, lazy eyes with the lashes curling sharply away like dark scitimars. The lean, over-padded shoulders and narrow waist. ‘ It is a key point that he is dark skinned and is said to have ‘full, purple lips’.

Is Tea Cake a foil character?

Vergible Woods, or “Tea Cake,” is Janie’s third husband, who serves as a foil to her previous husband, Joe Starks.

What is Tea Cake’s real name and what does he look like?

Tea Cake’s real name is Vergible Woods. He meets the heroine Janie after she has had two less than fulfilling marriages. Tea Cake is twenty-five years old and is not wealthy, but he has an inner wealth that Janie has not encountered before.

How long were Janie and Tea Cake married?

He begins to belittle her and eventually, after seven years of marriage, Jody slaps her. The love and spark disappear from their marriage, but Janie holds her anger and resentment inside; instead of fighting back, she keeps an air of tranquility.

What does Janie mean when she says Tea Cake is a glance from God?

When Janie says that Tea Cake is a glance from God and has taught her the maiden language all over, she is referring to the way he makes her feel. He makes her feel like the days before Logan and Jody when she was living in her youth enjoying the world and nature at its purest.

What is the symbolism of Tea Cake combing her hair?

The image of Tea Cake combing Janie’s hair serves to represent Janie’s new found independence from Joe. Finally, she is free of Joe’s control, which stifled her individuality and her beauty.

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Why is the fact that Tea Cake asks Janie to play checkers significant to Janie?

The game of checkers symbolizes the way in which Tea Cake establishes a new romantic dynamic with Janie that allows her to find a voice, feel empowered and reach the horizon – it is a relationship that is completely different from that which she shared with her previous husbands.